We are here

Route from Spain to..

Mallorca, Spain, France, Italy , Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepla, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Birmania or Myanmar (if they want to…), Malaisya<–>Thailand, Combodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia,(manage to find a boat) and finally Australia.


You can ADOPT a kilometer just for half euro/ 0.5€, 2 kilometers for One/1€ or Ten/10km for 5€ and help us to get to Australia.

With this small amount you will help us a lot advancing on our trip.

Is a small contribution to recognise our work and our courage, you can also enjoy all our pictures and use it, videos and stories on the road.

We are also open to pick you up if you are “on the way” and share our experiences.

We are not refering only to close friends and parents, everyone can adopt a kilometer, also even if you don’t know us can contribute to make our dream come true. Thanks!


4 responses to “Route

  1. hi this is pankaj joshi. I helped you in selling your last cycle 🙂 it was realy fun talking to you. All the very best for your future journey. Take care enjoy your trip…

  2. It is a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for your sharing. We are planning such a trip in this late August.

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