Secret beach excursion

We need to use Polenta to learn how everything works inside and get the feeling, get the flow and even she is not speaking we already learn 4 important items: 1.get out from a parking with Polenta is like hell, so from now we decide to drive round during hours before park in a small and close space. 2.Polenta as attractive is a magnet for strange and curious people, old men put the head inside the window to check everything is fine, gipsy smile and say hallo to her, 3.she knows where the secret and amazing places are and must adapt to her rhythm on the way, no stress no pressure please.

The whole day was for parking and get ready to start the trip, even we left the house around 4-5p.m. we ended at nighttime sleeping close to the way to the beach because in the middle of the way we start to search propane gas, that’s impossible to find, and finally we get a butane gas tank that makes us able to cook the first dinner!

At the morning we decide to move a bit and get closer to the way to the beach and surprise! The parking place was just next to an amazing Hole in the earth that brings us inside the wild nature jungle of Mallorca, was like another dimension, remembered how the ancient were living; we just discovered a new amazing place on the island that was like Sarisariñama Plateau in Venezuela.

After visiting the hole the beach was waiting for us, so we start to walk and after 20 min we found the first beach were we wait for Danielle and Adrian, our electronic master!

We 4 decide to visit 2 more beaches on the way back and even if we arrived at the park place quite tired and lazy Adrian start to check the electronic conditions of the Polenta’s devices while having wine and salami for “aperitivo”.

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