Pakistan Visa

Is the first visa we get from the Pakistan Embassy in Madrid and is the most difficult one because you can just get it from the country you are living or from the country of your passport.

We were quite obsessed about Pakistan and we still are a bit, I think because is the country we know less and we can not imagine how will be travelling there.

We had to apply with:

-Application form, 5/6 pages with any kind of information, boss name and address, previous boss name, colegues names and numbers, religion…(if you don’t have a work just write somenthing, nobady will check it and is better to complete the entire application even with “wrong” information).

-Invitation letter from Pakistan (not neccesary)

-Last 6 months movements of your bank account

-Reference letter from your work

– Travel itinerary

-Is possible that they ask for an interview when you apply, but nnot in our case.

-If you have all the documents is not 100% sure that they will give you the visa.

So first we tried to get the invitation letter (was one of the biggest worry) from the man who is living in front of my house (Casa Bernarda). He is from Pakistan, Gujatar and is working in one of the best internet point in Palma. At the beginning the man was surprised but really happy to halp us, so he ask to his family to send a invitation letter that we and he never that’s not true, he recived the letter when we were leaving the island.

Tired to wait the letter we decide to go to Madrid without it and start to discouss about what to wear for the interview.

We took the our flight at the early morning and with almost all the papers we arrived to the embassy decided to get the visa.
Untill that moment we were thinking about the embassy like a police station, where the consul start to look at you, yur documents your face and start to ask you question to find somenthing wrong in your answers but we were wrong.
They just checked the documents and sign the papers, and the visa will have been ready the next week.
After this week, Marta from Madrid helped us to get the visa in Mallorca because MRW (delivery company) just deliver in Madrid.
You can apply for the visa from 9 to 12 a.m. and go to collect it from 2 to 4 p.m.
This is blog that make us happy everytime we have doubts about crossing Pakistan, check the Balochistan video.

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