Tools, farmacy and equipment

2013-08-10 11.20.01If you want to start a long trip you must calculcate and consider a lot of stuff that will be never enought. People always rember you somenthing more that you can bring but you can’t. Listen to the people is a good idea to consider what to bring or not.



-Every tipe of glue

-Oil and cooling liquid

-Lots of tipe of screws

-Battery cables


– Mix of tools

-new battery agm 100amp.

_10 liters tank


We get the vaccins of ’Hepatitis A & B, Tetan &  tifoid fever ( 3 pills). All the information we find it here de i http://www.cdc.gob

  • Medicines:


-Dioxiciclina for 6 months, Malaria prevention, one pill per day

-Aciclovir (herpes)

-Amoxiciclina (antibiòtic): 2 boxes

-Ibuprofeno, paracetamol & naproxeno

-Antihistamínics: 5 boxes

-Antidiarrea and vomit: 3 boxes

-Silvederma (for burned skin from fire) & Nutrasona (cortison)

– Almax for the stomac

– Water depure pills and liquid for 1100 liters

– Goibi xtrem 45%, Mossiguard natural and Autan for malarian mosquitoes

-Liresystem and lifesystem permetrina to threat textils materials for mosquitoes

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