Carnet de passage en douane: Solution and alternatives

CPDIf you came to this post you’re probably desperate about how to get the Carnet de Passage en Douane.

If you do not know how to deal with the cost of the filing of the surety, if the banks do not grant the surety, if you want an alternative to CDP this is the right article.

First, do not worry, there are possible solutions.

I am not going to explain what’s the CDP is, however keep in mind that I did in Madrid, Spain (imagine that is an international document will be more or less the same for all European countries at least).

After you have completed and handed over my documents and the vehicle to the RACE (ACI Italian and FIA for UK) began my search for a bank to give me a guarantee without get results. After several waste time and desperation I began to inform me on how to falsify the document, in fact it is possible, I spoke via e-mail with people who have traveled with the false document but in the end the idea did not convince me that much.

So I decided to call the gentleman who complete and print the CDP in Spain, is called David and told him my desperate situation, at first asked for his private number to be able to “negotiate” the CDP but he offers me very professionally solution, easy and legal, the most logical.

Until that moment I had been told that the surety was something mandatory but … surprise! David asked me to show him the various negatives replies received from the banks (at least 2) even if were just an e-mail from the bank or the Director explaining the refusal.

After requesting an e-mail rejection to the banks and have them reenviate to David, I had to make a transfer of the amount of the surety totate directly to RACE, the account number that David gave me and the game was done.

David explained to me in this way that he could justify to his boss the transfer of money without using the bank thanks to the email of rejection and make it possible that I can receive the Carnet de Passage without surety. And so it was, after 2 days I had the CDP in my hand in quick time without having to pay quarterly commissions and costs of surety.

I recommend everyone to use this system, also having the opportunity to receive a surety, to save costs and do not finance speculative movements of the banks.

I learned also one more alternative when I was looking for the falsification of the Carnet, in most countries at the border you can buy the CDP for “only” 200 €, you obviously only applies to that country, each country € 200 in many cases. As you already know, it is more convenient to pay the 200 €.

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