Croatian Hospitality

What little information we had were: first that in Slovenia, we will be obligated to pay the highway tax and that in Croatia is forbidden to sleep outside the campings sites.
The first is false, the highway you pay if you use it, if you go out to Bosavizza coming from Italy, if you use the provincial road with beautiful panoramas and rest areas do not have to pay any tax.
The second is true even if a bit ‘of cunning you parking in some quiet village and prevent controls, like us.
At about 8 pm through a small town named Zasterebarvko I think, we decide to see an ATM because my credit card would not let me pay the gasoil in Croatian, so far no solution.
So we decided to ask for the change to a bar, it receives a man around sixties, changes us € 10 and shows a lot of confidence, we stop for a coffee I (and then drive) and a beer Amanda.
Marijan the owner shows us a picture which occupies half bar thanks to the size of the poster and the size of the bar also. In the picture you can see a famous player, Pelé trying to chase another player, number 4 of the team Toronto Croatia called Marijan Breivick, the owner of the bar!
The story  fascinated us and Marijan was interested in our story so he promises to have a party at our return , the bar is called “Caffebar MB” maintained by Marijan and his son Mislav, both ex professional football players, very nice and ultra cozy.
We end the evening with some pints each, speaking in Croatian with those of the Moto Klub Old Riders and finally parking Polenta practically in the garden of Mislav.Amanda y Marijan

Marijan y Mislav

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