Log in Istanbul with a van quite large and with background music Drum n Bass is an adrenaline-filled experience.
The traffic is crazy, cars and trucks go everywhere even in wrong way, and it seems that in Turkey there is no camper so everyone was interested watching us to see what we were doing there.

We soon found one otopark (private car parking) outdoors which became our garden during the next two days, slept comfortably there, we could use a bath and drain our drainage for 15 € (all included)

We started walking all day, doing miles and miles on foot (5 days ago we walked barely had to catch up!), We use the bus, they travel with the doors open to let in a little bit of air and that get off where you want. We can say that lead butt, get into any hole, in the roads of Istanbul on / the strongest wins.

Istanbul seems a little Naples, but instead dogs on the streets is full of cats, people care a lot and plays with them, the streets are narrow and have clothes hanging from one side to another, they built the city in a straight line,  there are no curves when there is a very steep slope is provided as do curves to make it smoother.

The neighborhood that looks more beautiful is Beyogul (I think it’s well spelled) where the Galata Tower is, along with the Egyptian Bazaar, under the Galata Bridge, with restaurants and the fish market, but the most beautiful bazaar is a big mess full of life as we like.

Yesterday “lost” all day to apply for a visa to Iran for Amanda. The bureaucracy is crazy, we first need to find the office, look for the address on the internet and was not at all accurate so here starts then a whirl of streets and people who wondered if he knew where the “Konsoloslugu” Iran is. With patience we found it, we explain the details here.
From time to time we go to a bar (here are the “alternatives” and very moderns) drink some teas and we connect to the Internet.

We note that in the morning the city is very quiet during most of the day until the sun begins to fade, the light and the people here are inversely proportional, less light further increase the chaos in the streets, maybe is the warm climate but here it works like this, even hairdressers and dentists work late into the night; you ask how I know that dentists are full of night? Because consultations provide large windows as hairdressers.

Another thing that impressed us is the amount of police that is in Taksim Square since that the protest took place is always full of riot police in dozens of trucks and loaded his rifle with swagger and aggressive (even sleep inside buses) in the same place can be more or less 50 to around 20 or 30 groups with weapons, riot shield prepared … You know that the police in most countries are blinded by the thirst for power , control and violence against people who are against the establishment, but this is very exaggerated. In the picture you can see a peaceful rally for 6 persones that dies during the riots by the hands of police, the first two died from two gunshots to the head with live ammunition while the other 3 in the hospital due to respiratory failure tear gas. Beside this concentration was, of course, two trucks with riot police ready to give blows with a tanker truck with water and acid (actually burning the skin). To note that one of the policeman that killed one guy appear in all the television but is even not being processed or arrested, just free as an innocent, poor and smily person.

All picture here.

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