Serbia and Bulgary

Serbia has passed too quickly, but it’s close to home, we will devote more time because what we saw we liked. Of course the first impression will not be easy to forget, was the village party with an exhibition by Gypsies, near their caravans there were huge and beautiful,  a bus caravan, (here the video). Only spent one night but we observe that instead of caramel apples are made ​​of popcorn on the street and love them like ice cream, candy and bread Serbs are also very good and economic. We found a very nice guy Hitchhiker mix Neapolitan father and Greek mother who lives in Germany and spoke in English, was traveling alone in hitchhiking and camping store, we get a lift to Sofia, hope you have a good trip Davide.


Bulgaria has been full of surprises, incredible landscapes, gardens, orchards, vineyards and vast fields of sunflowers. We stopped at a small village to cook and rest at noon, in five minutes passed a man with a cart pulled by a horse, a child with a cart pulled by a donkey and a black shepherd with his sheep.
After driving a few hours looking for a place to sleep, we decided not to cross the border at night, we stopped in a small village of 100 inhabitants, Amanda gets into a dirt road without end, going all the way to turn around and we find shirtless men and rifle in hand, shivering a little while maneuvering Amanda and I made a video (I will post soon).

Next to the main road, at the beginning of the town was a bar where we decided to stop for a beer with the good fortune that one of the women sitting there who spoke English. Chose two local beers, very very good, and we sat with her and we started chatting. She presented her daughter and later became her husband, he doesn’t speak in English, but I must say that we talk a lot with him at times with gestures at times with the translation of his wife. Without realizing it, we become their guests, prepared dinner with typical products from Bulgaria: A delicious cheese and sausage salad with products of their garden and watermelon for dessert. We try to return as great gesture of hospitality with our homemade Majorcan herbs and a sweet for Traiana’s daughter, 10 years. The girl was amazing riding the bike, she did not speak English so we communicated with gestures, she drew pictures and gave us several egg-shaped pumpkins, maracas, grind and Ghost . The husband showed us photos of their animals (horses, dogs, chickens …) and hunted animals (the next day a few men out hunting rifles that explained what happened earlier). Find that family was a gift, had many fun,  their hospitality and affection and attention were great, find some nice people to talk after a day of driving is very appreciated.

All photos here

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