1 month from the departure

Exif_JPEG_422Tomorrow, 2nd of September is a month that we took the boat to Barcelona , a month’s journey . Time is relative , I think all the people traveling feel the same thing, here in Turkey every day it gets dark earlier today at 7:20 a.m.  the sky was black . The day passed rather quickly : get up , snack ( we do like queens some days or nether a coffee others ) , driving, freak out with what you see, stop for lunch , driving, freak out a little more and to finish the great task tring to find a good place to sleep . We usually go to small towns , the bests is getting by day when people are on the street , you can talk a little and ask permission to stay overnight and spend the night and  feel more quiet ( by now everyone has said yes ) .
Our concerns now are these , also look for water both for drinking and for the van , a place in the shadow to rest, a bread a little better than one of yesterday if you can …
Living in roaming is nice and I think it is more ( at least for me ) if you are lucky to have a house with wheels Polenta is the case , you need not worry about find a hostel, or a bath or a shower …
Two days ago we had our first day of ” down” after the Polenta’s operation and goodbye  to the  family we drove for hours with a strange mood . Neither knew what was happening but something was not as always, Andrea asked me to drive! This could only mean that he had bad humor . And after hours and hours under the sun and looking for a place with a little shadow to stop and eat something we find a small road and stopped .
Pakistan , Pakistan, and Pakistan ! What to do with this site ? It really weighs heavily since I started looking for information about it , not a day we do not think one or two times. Share the nerves is not always easy and even harder to share them with your travel mate. It’s like something that is known but not spoken, not discussed , because it seems that you feed the monster and doubts comes. We are doing the right thing ? We must continue ?
But finally, if you speak, the monster gets smaller and emerging solutions that you had not thought alone or considered.
Into this situation came two men, one of them put one foot on the van through the back door as one who conquers a territory . He looked my legs as much as he wanted , I nervously began to close everything and soon we left, not because I thought nothing could happen to us but it was really unpleasant . These facts do not help you feel more comfortable or to relieve the situation. In the afternoon we stopped at a village and even worse , it seemed that all men were sitting there on the sidewalk , and women where they are? There was not a smile or a hello , only serious faces and looks up and down not very pleasant .
The evening continue on the same way, it became dark and we did not find where to stop . In the end we did it at a Kurdish camp, people living in tents , had a fire and played a drum all night.
Right now the prejudices that lie quiet in your head comes out , fears, insecurities … At least we can see the stars from the roof window over our heads.
Tomorrow, 6:30 and on the road. The aim of the day was to find a way to take us to the curb of a large lake that we came for . It has been two hours and nothing, when we found one, at the end of the street there was a cop sign tells us it is forbidden. Imagine.. the mood did not improve , we began to feel hangry and start to find a shady spot for lunch , and that lost a road near a house does not seem bad .
And here Polenta’s karma was reactivated , appeared a father and a son to inviting us for a snack and tea. We tried unsuccessfully to say no. Mustafa, the son of 18 years, spoke English much better than me (he only studied for 1 year !) . There was the father a slim and tanned man with the passions of politic and agriculture , the mother  was the typical big and strong turkish woman that love her son . We snack on a balcony ,home made  honey  , tea, bread made by the mother , a scrambled egg and paprika …
In the end I do not know as we sat on the carpet with cushions that the mother prepared and slept for a while !I still do not believe the we slept in that balcony at the morning time . Then we went with the family at the lake , Andrea swem and the father proudly showed us their irrigation system .
A couple of chais ( tea ) after we left with hands full of gifts and batteries charged , find this family was a gift.

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