Help Polenta

2013-08-29 18.16.33Thursday (8/13/29) we had the first scare with Polentita! We have seen that the engine temperature was much higher than normal, we decided to call our mechanic. He gave a couple of indications to Andrea who has updated here and there: thermostat could esserail and in this case we only remove it.
We decide to go to a mechanic that we saw at the beginning of the city and had the Mercedes symbol.
We arrived and we entered timidly in the shop, suddenly 5 people around talking loudly about the problem of Polenta, rise and fall while Andre does his best to explain what happens to the van with signs, no one speaks English. While he repeats over and over again the mechanical thermostat try to shut us up with various chay (tea).
One of the mechanics should have thirty, while the rest did not meet the greater age, all with cigarette in mouth, start the engine, open the hood and begin to press the accelerator as a sports car! When I heard the noise and saw the black smoke come from exhaust I started screaming like crazy NO NO NO, a reaction coming out from the belly, uncontrollable, the mechanic looked at me shocked, Andrea also … All I could think, if he breaks kill you wretch! The mechanic in Palma had ever treated as well.
Anyway, luckily it was the thermostat. After two hours, a pair of chais and TL 80 (30 €) everything was solved.
During this time we met a professor who invited us to his house, where his wife and 9-year-old daughter (who wants to travel the world and have a caravan) and the little Up 2 (baby smarter I’ve ever seen that looked and knew exactly what you were thinking). Spectacular dinner, a long table, talk for hours about any topic: politics, economics, culture and tradition, family … everything. She was super attentive to us, we made tea, Turkish coffee, sweets, drinks and equally attentive man. We decided to sleep downstairs in their building, and then don’t move the van and then by mid-morning together, man had gone to buy everything and more! Share a snack one and worthy of those who organized a casaBernarda in Mallorca on Sunday.
People here is incredible, if not had Polenta had this problem we would not have been invited to this man and shared this moment, this is what I mean when I say Karma Polenta.

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