Salt lake

Salt lake

Sometimes we are very but very lucky, as this time that we drive to Kerman and in the middle of the way there was a huge Salt Lake, we stopped where we were able to enjoy the view which was amazing. At that time stops a motorcycle with an adult male and his mother, he spoke a half forgotten Englishman who was waking up every new Word and she did with eyes and hands.
Invite us to go to his house to drink a tea. Amazing House made of straw and mud in the middle of… not able to describe the place, in the middle of nothing and in the middle of everything, there was the father resting since he was well sick of smoking and could no longer do more work.

We took tea and also we were invited to have lunch, after also the wife of the man came, they cooked us iranian dish made to the wood fire (rice with saffron and also a kind of “cooked”).
We did a small excursion to swim in a “pool” made with water that comes out of the ground, I had to do with chador and finally I chose to not swim, too much mess…
How did all this came? as mother, father and son saw from the House we stopped to look at the Lake and came to invite us to have a good time.
How did it end up? many photos, laughter and joy puffy hearts.



Salt lake

Salt lake

tutte le foto qui.

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