Change plans

Bye Polenta

Bye Polenta

Bandar Abbas-point to the South of Iran and the warmer, heat is moist and prevents you from doing anything, seems a sauna that do not stop sweating even at night.


Why are we here? We changed plans and the thing has run riot:
-We won’t land in Pakistan, at the end we decided to skip the area that concern us both, Balouchistan, we haven’t found anyone to go there. The thing every day is worse out there and even more who have suffered with the earthquake. If you like political intrigues we recommend to read any thing on this Earth: USA, India, freedom fighters, Taliban, gold, oil… you nothing is missing to the plot!
-If you do not enter by land in Pakistan and do not want to abandon Polenta (China who is the alternative land to reach the India puts many impediments to enter a foreign vehicle) we have only one option: send it with a cargo boat to the India and us fly.
-With an agency you’ve managed everything, this is Persia Tours (also manage my visa from Iran) are very professional in particular Parise women that we have been and we keep in touch, the crossing takes about 15 days and ends in the port of Mumbai.


-We take a boat to Sharjeh (UAE) 15 km from Dubai, once there we will take a flight to Lahore (Pakistan), we are going to Dubai because flights are significantly cheaper that from Iran and get one every day. The visa is made “on arrivall” has a duration of 30 days and is free of charge.


-In Pakistan a little from tourism, we have many earn in this country.
-We will then cross the Pakistan-India border by land, we will do a little tourism and we go to pick up the van, we have really wanted to travel by train!

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