In Dubai have spent two nights because buying tickets to Pakistan is quite difficult in addition is mandatory the return ticket! Anyway you can buy a retorn ticket and cancel it the same day without costs if you have a friend working in a travel agency, if not it will cost you 40 euros.

Here we must thank Marco because from a distance it has given us not two or four, but ten thousand hands to help us at any time and for any subject. Chari and Stephan to make possible that we had “return ticket” and thus fly, thank you!
A night spent at the airport which for us was like a luxury hotel: clean bathrooms, air conditioning, shower…

The second home of Reda of couchsurfing, most luxurious yet because apart from being a very pleasant and interesting company did us a tour of the most interesting places of the city and took us to the airport.
Dubai is… artificial, dry, cold inside and hot outside, wasteful, capitalist, everything revolves around money. How is that you can ski in the middle of the desert it possible? The indigenous population represents a 5%, the vast majority are from other parts of Asia and in the world (there is a large majority of India) who come to work and make the quarters, some living and some to save and leave.
Dubai has a macabre beauty, fascinates you and reject create you at the same time, everything is too much. Feels that this cannot last forever, one day…
It is a strong contrast to come from Iran to Dubai, two different worlds separated by 300 miles of Persian Gulf or Arabian depending on the side from where you look at it. Dubai is pure comfort if you have money, everything is designed to make the minimal effort, points of information, buses, shops are very efficient and helpful, everyone speaks English… Iran is chaotic, noisy, to get to know bus you have to take can easily spend an hour, there is dirt on the streets… but at the same time is delicious, full of culture, precious hospital, we are left with Iran!


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