Iran, Tehran

Iran, Tehran

I tell you about Ehsan a very special boy that hosted us in Tehran, is usefull to explain how does the culture, tradition and the private life of the Iranians works.
It reminds me a lot my friend P.E. (who now lives in Australia) in its tranquility and ways of doing.
At the beginning he maight be osted us a couple of nights but eventually the stay was so enjoyable that we stretched to 4 nights. Ehsan is very intelligent, speaks directly without fear to express his thoughts and the last thing he wanted was le us leaving his home. He treat us as if we were brother and sister without fear in sharing his spaces and his personality.
At home she lives with her brother and her mother, a nurse that work at night and when she return at 9 in the morning tired she lain for to rest in the only room in the house with a bed, and is not because they are poor, is just because they feel confortable in this way.
This room was very much in demand as you can imagine, always, after leaving the mom.
Now try to imagine that to go take a shower it was necessary to pass trought the room with the bed, next to mom asleep and in all this is we were 5 strangers in the House: I, Amanda and a small German family. The Iranian family had no problem to let us enter in their intimacy, which is already quite low in quotidinana life, the concept of privacy almost does not exist.
We spent 5 days very fun and interesting. Polenta is always remained parked in front of the home of Ehsan and every day we went to greet her.

All photos here.

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