Iran: melons and honey



Here people is strong and hard, watching you bad as if you were an alien and notifies all the village come to look bad!
Then you find out that you are looking bad and are not rude, just looking for a reaction to share something with you,
a smile, a word in English sought and found on the bottom of their memory. Here people sells melons and honey from the incredible flavor. Every now and then we stop and buy everything we need without using supermarkets.
The melon rind is ugly, hard, wrinkled but inside, mamma mia!, that Orgasmic taste!
Here people love talking about much more than listen, do you want to help without knowing what you need and nothing you require without ask to follow the plans and projects that have organized for you in less than a second, eager to meet you and spend time with you, no matter if they are working or need to collect important documents, no no let everything pending to devote all their time. Now we visit this mosque, now we take a taxi, a bus, now is the hour of power lunch, let’s eat a kebab in my favorite restaurant …
their favorite phrase is “you are my guest” and when they tell you that to become the most happy person in the world, everything is available, they offer you everything and all their attentions are directed to you, you’re their Sha (King).
Sometimes these practices can be heavy and boring, because you also want to decide what to do and when, in addition to the fact that we are not used to pay for things that we sometimes see shoes or a shirt that we like and they wanted to buy it for you, things to crazy …

It’s like a spoonful of honey: the first is very good but now is sticky to the palate, lips and on the jar. The second spoonful is too much.

The Euro-Iranian Rial is very favorable for a European is around 10 times cheaper.

All photos here.

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