Crossing Myanmar/Birmania/Burma


Crossing Myanmar/Birmania/Burma Hallo to all the overlanders that are interested in this post and all this information. After get in touch with the right person we had decided to cross Burma, the new Myanmar.

How is it possible? This country start the last year to open its boarders to the people interested to cross overland myanmar, there are many agencies that can organize this trip but is really expensive. One big group of more than 20 vehicoles crossed last year, the german guy that organized this trip is repeating this 20 of february with 10 vehicoles with a cost of 2000€. For crossing Myanmar is mandatory to have a clear itinerary, book hotels, goernamental escort is mandatory as the local guide. With our contact person the cost, depending on partecipants and nights, will be between 600 and 1000 DOLLLARS crossing in 6/9 days with all included (hotels, guide, escort, food, permission, papers, etc.) sleeping half night in the vehicles. We need 8/10 participants with 4/5 vehicles, the cost will decrease if we are more people.

When? We are planning to cross final of february or beginning of march. The contact person from Myanmar that is able to manage all the permissions is a safe contact, we have a report of a group that crossed the 14 of december, and another group is crossing the 5th of february thanks to the same person. If you are interested please contact us

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