Indian Impact

golden temple

From Lahore to Amritsar, where the golden temple is, there are 2 hours driving but this time the situation is different, crossing the boarder by foot than taking a taxi to Amritsar.

Polenta is still in Iran waiting one cargo boat able to get her to Mumbai.

During this time we travel with backpacks and thanks to the couchsurfing community a lot of people host us instead of using hotels.

During this great time we meet amazing local people, polite and very welcoming, they teach us a lot about India and Indian food, slowly we get acostume to this country. We jump inside the Indian gastronomy trying every type of street food without care about possible dysentery problems, we forgot often about taking the malaria pills until leave it.

Amritsar is a chaos, luckily the presence of the golden temple relax us and make the things much more easy. Sikh Golden Temple is a cosy place, it welcome you and once inside you want to stay there for hours to escape from the rhythm of the city, the only obstacle are the dirty water pools where thousands of people put their feet, is a mandatory step if you want to get inside, but everything else is really welcoming.

At the entrance volunteers take care of your shoes, socks and luggage without asking a coin (strange to be India), inside the temple to will find places for sleep, relax, meditate, drink, eat and prey while a group of old beardy men play relaxing songs with strange instruments.

In the evening we have to take a private bus to Delhi because the train is full, and also the station.

After having a great vegetarian dinner in one of these dirty and dusty street “restaurants” with wheels the bus leave to Delhi.

More photos here!

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