breakfast place

Finally we arrive to Pakistan with a flight of Shaheen Air to Lahore, for us is like business class, full meal and drinks in company of the engineer that offer us all his meals, impossible to say to him and soon we understand that is impossible to say no to the Pakistanis people.

Out of the airport 300 people seems like they are waiting just for us, all their attentions is ficus on us, we walk inside the river of people that is opening just in front of our feet and we meet Ahsan, the guy that will host us for the next 10 days.

One of the first import thing he explain is that we are his guests for al least 3 days including meals, drinks, museums, visits, clothes, everything. Obviously we don’t agree but is impossible to change his mind, here the guests are the present from Allah. In these 10 days we have the opportunity to discover Lahore with its streets, eat in the oldest and hidden restaurants, visit the fort, see thing on the street that you will never imagine before, live the sufi celebration, breath the fresh air on the mountains and see the hills full of canapa, admire the show at Waga boarder.

But first of all we are surprised about colors, the characters of the street, the woman, the controversy of an Islamic republic were the guy of the massage walking in the street is, at the end, a way to practice oral and anal sex between men because for the Islamic law is not allow to do it with your wife.

The steets are shared between, big and psychedelic truks full of bells, cars, bikes, cycles, cows, people and kids asking money, goats, sheeps, camels, donkeys, monkeys. Our doubt about the error to not cross Pakistan will be confirmed in Goa where we will find 3 more vans that crossed Pakistan, one of them was travelling there for more than 4 months, a couple with a kid, they confirm that is an amazing country for travel with a van and people are amazing. We follow in the prejudice and the bad news and image coming from the western countries. We regret about not travelling with the van in this country and now is in our list of the things we must do!

Here Fotos!

Video of Amazing Sufi’s night!

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