Incredible India



India is a shock, a lot of people , a lot of noise , a lot of manure , horns , people call in traffic converge animals, people and cars.
India has a strong pungent smell , a mixture of excrement and spices , chai recently made ​​food and rotting , stagnant water …
India is like a slap in the face when you arrive , go in understanding it gradually accustom your eyes to see children smile you just hoping to get some rupees .

For us the entrance was hard and the following weeks, we suppose also that the image would be a relaxing get here . I mean after crossing Turkey , Iran and Pakistan where Islamic law and you must be careful in how you dress , what you say, are canceled as a woman , there are a million prohibitions , everyone wants your money to come from Europe, there are terrorists … And a fuck !

Turkey , Iran and Pakistan have three wonderful, amazing three countries in which we spent less time than we wanted , where we have felt welcomed and respected , we must respect people and goods , have been known genuine hospitality and landscapes amazing . Then, after these months to get to India and you run into a very harsh reality … it is not easy ! When we crossed the border we found inside we feel like a close door behind us and as much as we wanted we could not reopen .

India describe as the controversy itself because while we know that the lovely people and we connected very well have been surrounded by people who did not understand and act without apparent logic .
The Indian character seems to show no respect for themselves, for the people around him or any element that make up the universe , we have seen the ugliest injuries and illnesses surely strange that some attention could be better and we can see that cows are sacred but throw all plastics street , plastic cows will eat the eyes of their protectors indifferent .
If you are lining up to get the train ticket will always see one or two full of anxiety to go up in front of you, no matter if you will remember what you first , do not give up trying.
People have asking money, children lying on the floor naked and no clothes because it is precisely because India between manure can find anything you need, but the general indifference that dominates this country.

Good night India

Good night India

So is this indifference mixed with longing , and desire to be the first on the road nobody passes in front to get before you go ahead to the tail , the first to enter the subway before leaving those that are within … But among all the worse for me and the least support is the desire to get money either way and at the expense of anyone without applying the minimum intelligence. So you want to taxis and rickshaws charge 10 times the correct price , if you refuse you prefer not to work before you receive it touches , and it is the same in shops here in India we stop being people to become mos unwittingly walking on air tickets .

So if you come to India for two weeks of vacation a couple of euros in my pocket I think this country will love to find all the doors open but on the other hand come with Rs told another story . This was the first time where we have found that people will simply chatted by economic interest and hope to do business when it disappeared , so did his smile , where groups of men were stopped near our bite without looking say nothing and do not answer when they chatted . So we started to feel alone and in the jungle for the first time did not dismiss the sights to be accompanied .

Tempers were running low and the patient going to the point of having some small fights where one man came to us accompanied by two brothers find where I thought I wanted to fight but our suspicions are they wanted money .



It went way south and to our surprise we discovered a different country , from Kerala Karnathaka and things change . The smiles became disinterested , people approached to ask about the bite journey without any ulterior motive , the dirt fell significantly , we received even when we need help , hospitality in small villages … Mother if India were all so it would be a paradise ! So there is still hope.

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