Jammu and Kashmir

palace abandoned jammu

The plan is to arrive in Jammu stay a night with Naveen of couchsurfing and take a bus the next day to Srinagar but soon things will change.

The trip by bus is crazy as always , this time worse than the bus to Delhi. Fortunately or not we are sitting in the front row and the show is guaranteed for 12 hours

roller coaster on the Indian roads , the bus goes so fast that we arrive 2 hours in advance Naveen forced to wait to wake up and come to pick us up at the bus stop .

From now on just entered the house we feel at home , the only one bedroom is ready just for us , delicious breakfast and spirits soaring thanks to the sympathy and simplicity of Naveen and Gori.

The icing on the cake is Pia, a beautiful little girl of 8 months that never cried , the daughter of the couple.

Enthusiastic start to plan excursions and activities all along that revolutionize our plans .

A night visit to the lake, the monkey temple , the palaces and the theater abandoned these infested by monkeys and especially the trip to the mountains to Daramshala .

Quest ‘ last for a period of three days took us to a cool haven to the first slopes of the Himalayas , we camped at almost 3000 meters in the midst of clouds and goats , the focus is always on

front of the tent warmed us and cooked our meals and our conversations wrapped a peaceful and healthy while Pia peering curious and always ready to give you a smile every time I approached the gaze and attention.

The night an incredible amount of stars allows us to play a little ‘ with the ‘ shutter of the camera and create a play of light fun .

The next day we go down to the village and arrive just in time to do a little ‘ conversation in English with Tibetan monks and refugees , a special experience.

Srinagar we have not seen even from a distance, we preferred to feel welcome, share this journey with Naveen , Gori and Pia , sleep deeply and spend hours sitting at breakfast, cook together, discover the abandoned palace and play with Pia .

All photos!

Here 3 video: India 3000 metre, Monkey temple and elephant in Jammu.

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