New Delhi

Bazaar Delhi

We arrive at Delhi with a terror night bus, sleeping is impossible, the holes on the street make us and all the passengers jumping on the seats at least 30cm. Delhi is dirty, dusty, chaotic and lots of people sleeping in the street just around the corner of a big mall full of lights and advertisements.

 One week passed in this city where 2 people hosted us, really different between each others. They live in really different parts, one in a big complex with guards at every door, the other in the part where the streets are dark and dusty and people live without door at their home. With the first host we had our first beer in a few months and with the second we learn how to share the rickshaw to pay just 10 rupies for a lift.

This city is full of surprising corners like the bird hospital, the bazaar, the metro always full of people at any hour, you just open your eyes and enjoy the show of the streets of Delhi.

Photos here!

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