Polenta arrive at Mumbai

suc de canya de sucre

We rush to Mumbai by train in Sleeper class, for us the best class, price-quality-funny-interest after getting the news that our van is already in Mumbai.

Full of euphoria to collect Polenta even with the costs to get her out of the port.

Even the Carnet De Passage is an international document in India you must validate the document to the Indian FIA (the only country that need to follow this process just to get some more money from foreigners).

One more time thanks to couchsurfing we get in touch with Daniel, a very kind guy ready to halp all the over landers thanks his interest on this kind of travels, he helped us to survive to the Indian bureaucracy. Everyone that pass from Mumbai must go to his petrol pump and speak with him, here the contact: Daniel Siquiera, you can find him here, is a petrol station Karfule private limited, 3 sprott road, Ballard estate, 400001, Mumbai Email: dan.sequeira@gmail.com, telf:  0091 9833924891

Daniel gave us a contact of an agent that helped us to get the van out of the port, all the process take a lot of time and a lot of money, without an agent and the right person seems to be impossible to win against the corrupted Indian bureaucracy. All the situation give us a sense of impotence and sadness but the worst still have to come.

Once in the port finally we arrive at the container that contains Polenta, the door is opened in front of us and the surprise is not a good one.

The roof of the van is collapsed, looks like something heavy felt on the roof, broke it and damage the frames. Is a big damage.

We spoke with a lot of people, including the responsable person of the port, after taking pictures and write surveys, one more time is impossible to find the guilty, to get the money from the insurance or to find the responsable person, if we don’t want to pay more money for every extra day charge (50 dollars) with the risk to leave the van out of the container in the port, the only solution is to drive Polenta to the city and fix it by our own.

The few next days, full of angry and sadness, are dedicated to find a mechanic and an insurance while we are parked in Daniel’s petrol pump during the warm night of Mumbai.

We found the mechanic but the insurance process become and odyssey, we jump from an office to another but nobody know how to ensure a foreign vehicle, after discovering that is needed to register the van to RCO we reach the main responsable person and he seems the right one to find a solution. The time pass and solutions are not coming probably waiting for some “tips”. Tired about the situation we get angry and decide to travel without insurance.

All photos!

The trains in India in movement!

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