Polenta’s twins

Force in Mangalore

Few days ago the clutch have started to slep, is not still a priority but we are worried where to find the parts and the time we need to find it.

From the entrance to India we notice that here they have a copy of our van, from outside looks really the same, now we have to check if also the engine looks similar.

One of this old vans, Force Tempo Traveller 1986, is abandoned on one side of the road and we stop for a deep check. Actually the inside looks same, the engine, all the parts and the bottom also looks equal apart of the opposite position of the driver.

Now the only thing to do is go to a Force workshop and hope that they have the new clutch for our Polenta.

In the Force workshop everyone confirm, even the engineer knows about a collaboration between force and Mercedes.

The mechanics start to work with euphoric happiness and let us stay with them under the van to learn how to change a clutch, very kind people.

In one day the work is done including oil and filter change, wash and grace.

We take the chance to buy some parts as brakes, new oil filter. All included at the end we pay 160€.

For all the over landers travelling to India with old Mercedes vans is important to take in consideration to change parts or fix the vehicles here in India, they have exact copy of Mercedes 207, 307, 407 etc. from Force old Tempo Traveller models.

All Photos!


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