In Agonda beach we went to meet more overlanders and we found there 4 of them.
Joseba, Arantxa and Ager
Peter and Gen: Glaarkaus in Facebook.
Hiko and his wife.
Thanks to them we passed funny days and collect imprortant information same as books and movies.
Agonda has been a little holiday, every morning the water supplyer truck, the ice cream man, the fisherman were coming at the vans parking place to re-fill our necessities,
but not us. We, especially Amanda, prefer to have a cycle ride to get the milk, the tomatoes or the deep fried snacks for breakfast.
Every night the routine was walking on the beach and enjoy the free time without getting in touch with the stress, traffic or Indian burocracy.
Here we met Eva and Dan from C.R. who shared dinners, stories, opinions with us.
Eva also helped Amanda to had her haircut while I was cutting my 6 months alsmost islamic beard.
Agonda was a necessary break to recharge the energies from the difficulties, no privacy, burocracy and bad mood.
Leave Agonda was difficult but also neccessary to start again the travel and discover the rest of India.
Finally we didn’t see the famous Goa, the most turistic places apart from the inflated prices, are full of liers and happears like fake places, without giving you a good feeling.
I am sure the 40 years ago’s Goa is interesting but nowadays almost nothing is left from that hippie utopia.

All pictures!


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