The way from Chennai to Calcutta showed us how will have been the next few days. At the toll the people smile and let us pass without paying, and was really easy to find nice quite spots to park and rest.

The city was cozy from the beginning, parked in the center in a residence area with narro streets, markets and autentic people was easy to acostum, relax and start our daily routine having a walk, eating dal and take pictures at every amazing hidden corner. Is not always easy to sleep in the van in the big cities but Calcutta was clean, quite and the people look at you as a normal person, they are also really friendly.

It is also easy to see the poverty spread around where on the street there are families living in a kind of “house”, the small girl cooking almost on the floor, the man ironing and the woman doing loundry.

Take a bus was a big adventure because the ticket controler is hanging out of the bus shouting the final destination and also because at 1p.m. o’ clock all the streets change the direction of the way, it is a big caos but at least an organized one. The city is much more clean of the rest of India, the people treat you as a normal person, they do not stand next to you watching what you are doing, reading or eating. Here we meet a family managing an internet café with informatic courses, they were really nice with us, let us connecting untill late night and the woman also came into the van to give us a kitchen lesson about fry Dal. 

All the pictures


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