Thailand: asiatic cozy country


Crossing the boarder with other 3 vans has been really fast and easy. The Carnet de Passage is not mandatory and the visa is on arrival with 30 days for most of the country exept Spain, Portugal and Greece. For the vehicle you can easllyly ask for 1 month stay or probably more. Everything is for free! The differences are visible from the beginning, no trash, no horns, less people, no spitting everywhere and higher prices. The calm the colourful terraces of the bars and the smiles are surrounding the ambient in every corner but the best thing is that you can park and camp everywhere, nobody will come to look at you or control, some places also have public toilet and showers. Right now we are travelling with Heike and Julian also with an old mercedes less prepared than Polenta. Is really easy to travel with them, every day is full of entusiasm to find a good spot to camp or light up the fire for our routine beer and night chat. The north of the country is full of relaxing places, everything is really easy, find the water for the tank, food, and bags of ice is our best hobby now! We are not acostum yet to this comfort and we have to leave to Laos already but for sure we want to come back to explore every natural park of the country.

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