Best spots coordinates

Here is a usefull post with the bests spotsin north Thailand and Laos.

Wang chin (bathroom, shower, waterfall, forest)
Lat 17,56949
Lon 99,49149
Lampang (city center, bathroom, showers, wifi)
Lat 18,28842
Lon 99,49149
Lampang (city center, river, wifi)
Lat 18,29282
Lon 99,49998
Sukhotai (temples, showers, bathroom)
Lat 17,02290
Lon 99,70100

Sukothai, Thailand
Mae on, near cheng mae (hot springs, bathroom)
Lat 18,81474
Lon 99,22284
Phai (waterfalls, bathroom, river, bar, restaurant, /forest)
Lat 19,37848
Lon 98,37636
Phai (canion, view,c bathroom)
Around phai (incredible view, star spot *****, bathroom, bar, restaurant)


Close to Muang Sing (bar, restaurant, bathroom, river, waterfalls, river)
101, 24353
Luang Prabang (wifi, bar, restaurant, river)
Xong ja(view point, bathroom)
Nong khiaw(cave, river)
Kong Lor cave
N 17º 57.262′
E 104º45.152′
Mekong temple
N 18º 25.852′
E 103º 28.454′
Van Vieng (river side)
Vang Vieng (river out of city)
N 18º 59.317′
E 102º 26.208′
Resort coffee fields on the hill
N 15º 10.882′
E 106º 14.445′
Remote village with massive trees and ruins (iron bridge)
N 14º 48.453′
E 105º 55.251′
Abandoned golf luxury resort (4.000 islands view)
N 13º 58.883′
E 105º 55.251′


Village after crossing Mekong close to the boarder (temple)
N 13º 33.134′
E 105º 57.069′
Angkor Wat (hide from the police)
N 13º 25.762′
E 103º 54.640′
Angkor Wat (Tourist police station)
N 13º 23.184′
E 103º 51.857′
Phnom Penh Temple next to real palace
N 11º 33.562′
E 104º 55.804
Otres Beach 2 (parking on the beach)
N 10º 33′ 30.0
E 103º 33′ 33.9
Bokor hill (fresh air abandoned place)
N 10º 37’42.6
E 104º 03′ 07.6


Phetchaburi (temple)
Lat 13:6.4686
Lon 99:56.4612
Prachuap Khiri Khan (in front of the beach)
Lat 11.796444
Lon 99.802333
Ranong (muslim village, parking on the green grass in front of the sea *****)
N 9º 37′ 25.8”
E 98º 28′ 06.3”
Naithon Beach (parking on the beach)
N 8°03’44.4″
E 98°16’38.2″


The coordinates can not be perfect but almost, we will update with all the amazing spots we found. You can also contribute to add more amazing overlanders spots, just write us the coordinates with a picture if you like.

Use an online coordinates translator if you need another format, some coordinates are in decimals, some in seconds and some in Latitude Longitude.

All the pictures soon here

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