Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands

Beach 7


Departure boat

Almost 4 days sailing on the ship of hell. The 23 of december we discover that “bunk” class is even worst that we expected, cocoroaches, smell, no air and mess everywhere. In the night a fell seak, like a cold inside that make all my body shake untill I faint. So one day in the room of the doctor and 2 days of taking medicines cure me. The 25th night I dream about the christmas dinner with my family. The 26th I have enough energies to go to the capitain to complain about the situation, he explain us that we must had travel with 1st class because we are rich people and the bunk is only for low class people. The capitan start act like a mental person when he recongnize we do not agree with him, he shakes and shout probably acostum to too much respect and fear that people have with him. The 25th a family record Amanda doing a sadwitch as the most impressive thing they have ever seen. In the common room some people are watching a movie with hi volume, no headphones and seating at the same table, at their back a lot of people standing try to follow the movies. The noise is so loud that we, with hearphones, can not understand our movie even if we are sitted far away from the caos.

Our bed-neighbour stay sitted 4 days without moving.


Beach 7


Returne boat (to Vizagatapam)

Amanda is crying I already cryied before. We have 4 days left sailing, I feel will be long. In this moments i feel depressed and want to come back. We are tired to fight for each step above. What we tought would have been a special holiday in the middle of the travel it turns into stress, pain, engry, nervs and sofference. From the condition of the boat, to the virus in my stomac, the waste of time at the queue fighting for a ticket, the discussion about the non fair people who try to cheat you anyway. The way back that will be even longer because there is no space in the boat to Chennai, we have to go to Vizag and than a 13hours train make us really full and sad.

Bunk class


We calculate and we don’t know if was worthed to visit the ilsands.

Now we can tell a lot of incredibles stories like the delfin in the wafe, the excursion by motorbike in the jungle and the lagoon with the waterfalls, the biggest shells of my life, see how it grow a pineapple and open a fresh coconut. Even thinking in all this beatiful things I would like to change all to see us closer, don’t be so tired, to smile tougether, for a bit of time just for us.




All the pictures here

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