The north-east

The North-east promise to be a different part of India.

We start exited to visit the tribal people on the mountains Il Nord-Est.

The first state was Assam where we saw rinos, elefants and condors in the Kaziranga nature reserve.



Out of the reserve in direction Nagaland, after finding a good spot to sleep, quite and not far from the main road, just in a secondary road, the police came with same silly story as always, with the obsession of safety tring to scary us with the story of dangerous people first and dangerous animals after. Speaking we convince them that is a safe place and we will just sleep inside the van and lock everything. They leave to come back after 10 minutes with more military, more weapons, more cars. At that time we decide to move but they block our way and they don’t want to let us leave, we try to understand and ask but we do not recive any reply, they don’t even want to tell us their names.

We start to be scary with the situation, the guns around, nobody around and without any explanation. We call the Spanish embassy that give us 2 really clever solutions: pay the police or simulate some sickness to go to the ospital and intead of asking our position they start to complain about our travel, why we are travelling by ourselves, why with a vehicle and why we are in India for such a long time, they don’t even know that a 6 months visa is possible. So if you are in troubles do not call the spanish embassy!

After 2 hours, finally the boss come and they escort us in a “safe” place, next to the main road.

Naga warrior

Nagaland Konya tribe

The second adventure in the state of Nagalannd was getting to Shinga Shynguo where the headhunters lives. Before the conversion to critianity they prey to the moon and the sun and they hunt every kind of invasors, the last tourist was killed in the 60’s. In every village you can see the domain of the chucrch on the people, the chucrch is always the building on the top of the hill, the biggest one and the cements one. We left Polenta parked before the street disappear and continue with a sumo, local jeep. The only option to sleep in the village is beeing hosted by the prince paying a lot of money to recive back a really bad trathment, asking for tips for every step into the village, the prince didn’t care about his people or his roots he was just thinking in money, not interested in showing us the real tradition, he was just worried to be cool, to be the best and order whatever he “need” to their sisters, mother or wife always ready to make him happy. A kid full of power.

Here we meet the last Naga warrior who killed 17 invasors, we tried the curry from the wild honey, we saw a buffalo beeing cutted in small pieces, how the tribes prepare the oppium, how the kids take care of their brothers and sisters. Finally the North-east is a really dofferent country but some people and situations sometimes remeber you that you are still in India!

All the pictures here

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