After a lot of work and research we have no other chance to cross Myanmar with a already made group with a high price, but finally a really good option.

19 vehicles and also one cycle.

Here the video of the convoy

The group is very interesting, like Tina, Tom and Elia a small family from Germany with a Mercedes 508, Umut and Demet from Istanbul with a jeep, Peter the cyclist with a world tour already done and now on the second world tour, amazing person, Julian and Heike with whom we will share the next 3 months traveling, Jens and Hellen with a full equipped jeep and nice music, Kim and Von a very happy and intelligent couple with a Iveco military vehicle and also Max and Alina from Germany with a Toyota jeep made by themselves, the Simpson family with a double deck truck with 4 motorbikes inside, these are just few of the interesting people of the group, you can find the links of their web in the left sidebar.


group crossing


Group crossing


Group crossing

The tour is 14 days long very well organized and very relaxing.

The euphorism to exit from India is all around and everybody is very happy to share bad and funny stories that are already passed.

Some days the driving is crazy, almost 400 km on very bad roads, seems to be in a video game like mario kart, everyone overtaking, stopping, climbing, checking wheels, having punctures but at the end af the day thanks to everyone we are able to share fruits offered by the hotel where we are parked.

We slept in the vehicles every day (the motorbikes camping) in almost luxury hotels parking or gardens, we always had showers and toilet available and sometimes swimming pool.

From the beginning Myanmar is cozy, smily, simple with great food and cute places where to stop, take pictures and share a smile with the locals always happy to see a foreign. Is a shame that the government apart from hide inhuman practice is basing the tourism on the luxury.

Most of the time the driving was not in convoy.

Bagan and Inle are very special and unique!


climb a temple

The new official capital, I don’t remember the name, is crazy with its 8 line roads and big buildings but no people! Looks like a big atomic catastrophe happened.



All the pictures Here.

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