Christmas in Australia

Christmas? Yes you read right, a holy Christmas.

Holy P.E. And Holy Paola! Our friends make us feeling home during Christmas time. Living in the van for almost one year make you enjoy the little things of the “normal” life.

Excursion family

first excursion

See a room ready for us, a real bathroom with real shower, a cozy house and the welcoming of a second family.

They recharge our battery and make our humor grow again after a difficult period, lazy and tired from the heat of south east Asia and also tired to be nomad we established in this house without problem like was our home, we felt so good that Paola and Marco were scared to have to live with us for the next few months..actually the first thing that came in our mind one we were back to Kuala Lumpur was to cancel the China crossing and go back to live in Melbourne, but the visa for Spanish people is not so easy.

Great Ocean Road

12 apostols

Back to the Christmas time: with this family, including Umut and Demet, they were also in Melbourne, we shared aperitivi with Italian products, we made mozzarella, homemade mozzarella I mean, we took unforgettable dinners, warm dinners, delicious and funny time, with a lot of wine, a lot of smiling and happiness.

During the weekend the route trough the Great Ocean Road, one of the best route of the world, we enjoyed the cool whether, the wind, the angry sea and the never ending panorama.

The unforgettable experience of the hot spring on the hills and the last excursion to the wine hills to try the local products during a sunny day. At the end with the tears in the eyes we said good bye to Marco and Paola with a large hug and a deep look. Here we felt like stop traveling for the first time.


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