Arrived by flying wile Polenta was waiting in Kuala Lumpur at the guest house moon 11th.


Temple in Kyoto

In Osaka reached by night we received the best welcoming in one of these small local restaurant that serve row meet 24h and no one word in English is spoken. After spending the night in the old “Love Hotel” with its kitsch ambient we visited the Osaka Castle, beautiful from outside but nothing special, as an ok museum, inside. The best and the most famous in Osaka is the food like Tokoyaki, the octopus balls served in the streets of Dontombori.

Row meet

Cosy restaurant

The night bus of Willerexpress bring us with super comfort to Tokyo. Here we are hosted by Holy and Tomu an American Japanese very cozy couple, they show us a bit of the city like Shibuya and with them we join a experimental music concert before having an amazing Japanese dinner in a local restaurant that cook roasted meet.
During the day our routine was walking around and just looking, everything kept our attention, the people, the clothes, the buildings, the order, the public toilets with the baby keeper and the fake food that take place of the menu outside of the restaurants, looks great!


Shibuya district

Another Willerexpress and we were in Kyoto, here we felt like we expected to feel in Japan, walking in Gion, the old area, is like being in a movie you can see the traditional houses in the narrow streets, the Geisha appears randomly and fast around, the temples with the gardens are surreal and the panorama is like in Goku or Arale.

Here the mini documentary

We have also visited a old university dormitory probably occupied by students, the pictures are great!


Traditional Japanese dormitory



Animal at the dormitory


But the best pictures we took it in Dreamland, the abandoned Theme Park from 1961. See the vegetation eating the huge structures with full power of adrenaline and fear in our vanes was the best experience of Japan!


Abandoned Dreamland


Roller coaster


Little Village

Manifactured in England



Here al the pictures

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