Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Tower

It’s such a pity that Malaysia was just a in between country, a base to fly to Australia and Japan. Polenta was parked at the Jessy guest house, the moon 11th. Even if was for short time we had the opportunity to visit Cameron Highlands, the mountains are fresh, chill air, full of tea fields and great view with the opportunity to taste lavender ice cream and beautiful camping spots with waterfalls around.

In Kuala Lumpur we probably looks like homeless, with dirty clothes and with the eyes like plates looking around as we just came out of a cave. The people are incredibly welcoming and cosy like all the Islamic countries, in one occasion they fill up us of presents, like fruits, cookies and water just because we asked for informations in a bar. The fuel is very cheap, they ask for Carnet de Passage at the boarder but no limitation on the stay, The visa is for free on arrival for 3 months for most of European countries including Spain. That make is country perfect to visit by van!

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