Update Caravanistan-Visas in Bishkek (August 2014)

Visa Iran

Iranian visa, embassy in Bishkek

The beautiful web page Caravanistan gives a lot of useful information, you must check if you are traveling in some …istan country.

I just found some information that is not updated. So here the updated information from our experiance.

Tajikistan Visa:

Tajikistan visa take 5 working after fill the application, 2 pictures, copy of passport and original.

IMPORTANT: from the 21st of august to the 15th of September 2014 the embassy in Bishkek will not issue any visa due to a summit of all the central Asia presidents in Dushanbe. They are also planning to close the land boarders from the 1st of September until the 15th. This information is not official in all the Tajikistan embassies but definitely in the Tajikistan embassy of Bishkek.

After this dates the process will be back to normality, so 5 working days to get the visa.

Uzbekistan Visa:

Fill the form online, call the number: (+996) 312663078 to get an appointment to be able to apply.

After 5 working days call again and fix another appointment to collect your visa. You can keep the original passport with you until you collect the visa.

Iran Visa

The office is open from Monday to Friday (included) 9.00-13.00 15.00-17.00

You can apply anytime and collect your visa 24 hours later (if they are not busy).

First you will need the AUTORIZATION NUMBER from an Iranian agency, this work very good and no pay in advance, you pay once in Iran (apply at least 10 days in advance, 30 for British).

2 pictures (covered for woman), copy and original passport, application form, travel insurance, pay 50€ at Pakistan bank (5 min walking from the embassy)

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