About us

IMG_0663Amanda is a sunny person full of energy, almost always with a smile, you can see at her face and understand what’s her feeling at that moment. She is the perfect trip mate because she is able to understand any situation faster than me and adapt really easily to any environment without modify her healthy principles made on a strong and deep culture, is too much easy and superficial to say that she is just intelligent and clever. I completely agree with her way of living, thinking and feeling. Thank you to use your huge courage for the Somnisbus project.

Describe Andrea is as difficult as describing the color red, the flavor of basil, how the light gets in the morning through the window of the house, the smells of the market on Saturday morning, the melody of a song, the sense of a kiss in the palm of your hand … And so because he has this essence to illuminating everything he does and the people around him.

He could be described as a scout, engineer, inventor, artist, chef, comedian … He loves knowing where he is and not leave the house without a map, to try all the things about the place visited as food, drink, clothing, culture, to mix between the rivers of people and to get lost by hidden paths, find some cache to take us somewhere special, wonder and play with small children.

I have the fortune to share my life and my way with you, thanks for the Somnisbus project.andrea


2 responses to “About us

  1. Ahoj,

    We just saw you today on Rudaki Boulevard in Dushanbe and were waving like crazy but you did not see us ­čśŽ Hope you are OK. We were thinking a lot of you on the road between Khorog and Dushanbe, poor Polenta. Alex and Daniela

    • Oh! that’s too bad, we were running to get our Turkmen visa and finally we did it. Now we are in Samarqand and it’s beautiful, where are you?
      Yes the road to rich Dushanbe was terrible but everything ok with Polenta.
      Take care!

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