Documents and Visa


Most of the europen countries get one month visa on arrival at boarder crossing but not available for turkey!

The visa cost between 30 and 40 dollars that you can pay with local currency or dollars.

For the vehicle is same of Thailand.


Visa are available at the boarder crossing, most of the european countries get one month on arrival for free but for spanish and turkish is only 15 days also for free.

The Carnet the passage is not mandatory, you can get temporary importation papers permission for at least one month but we ear that even 6 months is possible with a bit of luck.

Insurance is also not mandatory.


Is still not possible to cross Myanmar with your own vehicle but you can get in touch with some agencies or people on internet that can arrange the crossing in convoy for a really expensive price, do it cheaper is possible but a lot of luck is needed.

At the boarder they ask for carnet de passage but we think you can also skip it without much troubles. Vehicle insurance is not mandatory.

Visa is available from Myanmar consulate in Kolkata and all the others embassies, they will probably ask you flight tickets (not in Katmandu) but if you ask and they are in a good mood and you don’t want to fake the flight tickets is also possible to get the visa easyly.


For Spanish and Italians Visa 6 months is available out of your home country (for example in Turkey) but in your home country it will be maximum 3 months or 6 months with a maximum stay of 3, is also available multiple entrance.

Insurance for the vehicle is available on the boarders cities as Amritsar, ask at some guesthouse.

If you are shipping the insurance is availble from some agent at double or triple price. We get annoyed by trying to do it by ourselves and finally we drove without insurance but WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Also if you are shipping India is the ONLY country, for sure, that need one paper more for the validity of your Carnet de Passage, so you need to go to the mobile association of India and ask for this official paper and probably pay some money!


Andrea with Italian passport: In 2 working days he get the visa from the iranian consulate in Milan. 50€

Amanda with Spanish passport: In 3 weeks from the Iranian consulate or with an agency to collect the visa at the Iran consulate in Istanbul. 50€ + 30€.


Application form, Passport, 2 pictures and travel insurance.

The insurance for the vehicle is possible to do it on arrival if you do not have the green card from your home insurance that cover you in Iran also. The cost of the insurance on arrival is around 40 dollars.


Is the first visa we get from the Pakistan Embassy in Madrid and is the most difficult one because you can just get it from the country you are living or from the country of your passport.

We were quite obsessed about Pakistan and we still are a bit, I think because is the country we know less and we can not imagine how will be travelling there.

We had to apply with:

-Application form, 5/6 pages with any kind of information, boss name and address, previous boss name, colegues names and numbers, religion…(if you don’t have a work just write somenthing, nobady will check it and is better to complete the entire application even with “wrong” information).

-Invitation letter from Pakistan (not neccesary)

-Last 6 months movements of your bank account

-Reference letter from your work

– Travel itinerary

-Is possible that they ask for an interview when you apply, but nnot in our case.

-If you have all the documents is not 100% sure that they will give you the visa.





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