She is Polenta and she is 34 years young and beautiful, tall, perfect shape and full of surprises.

She is really attractive.

The model she wear Mercedes James Cook 207 D

Almost 300.000 km on her legs.


We want to tell about a really quite and helpful person that is helping us to fix our Polenta and giving tips and tricks for the “journey”; is our mechanic from “Taller Coliseo” in Palma de Mallorca (picture)IMG_1095. He is an expert in old Volkswagen vehicles; even if Polenta is a Mercedes he knew everything about her. You must visit Taller Coliseo because of the interesting ambient and special vintage vehicles you can find inside.

He fixes the basic stuff and change oil and filters than he said that Polenta is in good conditions and he encouraged us: “Polenta is the best way to afford your travel, go for it!”

Here we try a list the basic equipment at the moment and then the modifications we want to apply before leaving Mallorca.

Basically Polenta have a big bed in the roof part and a sofa-bad in the living room with kitchen, fridge and on the backside a bathroom with shower.

The water is pulled by an electric 2, 8 amps. Engine connected to a gel battery AGM 100 amp. /hour – 12 volts at the moment the conditions are ok, not in perfect state, maybe we will need a change during the trip.

The light in Polenta is 12 volts with continue electricity and we want to change the lights with leds-lights because of the consume.

A boiler for warm water is placed under the kitchen sink.

We have to decide if bring with us the “heating machine” and the energy OLD convertor.

Before leaving we definitely change the radio, is too old and works badly, we will install a solar panel for the main light and we are thinking to get 2 wells for emergencies.

We are also looking for some “presents”: a good and thin mattress and a good camera like a GoPro o similar.

Will also bring with us a box of tools, screws, battery cables and electric tester.


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