No Sponsors

We decided not to accept sponsors for the trip even if it is sometimes a very attractive alternative in order to cover the costs of the trip.


First, because we have not received any proposal and because we want the project, the idea and the merits are for those he deserves.

And here is the time to talk about the people who have helped us so much for this project, first of all moralemente fomenting and supporting the idea tempers and then physically.

This list will be very long and probably I will forget someone.

Thanks to the friends of Palma, Adrian, Danielle, Elitxo, Marta, Pablo, Pears, Lara, Chari, Stephan for moral support and for the camera that allows us to take pictures and video on the go and and is the right size to carry everywhere and hide;)

Thanks to Rafa, Isabel, Martha and Laura to allow us to work and clean Polenta in their garden to provide lunch and breakfast, for the moral support, for useful tips for tablet, very important for the maps.

Thanks to mom and dad for the hospitality of a full week of work and stress, for lunch and dinner on the table and ready for vegetables grown with love and to make sure that everything is easier and rush, in addition to ‘purchase of new material. Thanks for the new mattress!

Thanks to all those who have adopted km, especially in PE, Simon, and Jose Manuel.

Thank you all so far we have managed to cover the distance of about 1600 km, only 28,000 are missing, come on!

Thanks to the “command seam” so that polenta is beautiful and complete with new curtains and mosquito nets.


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